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Infamous: Festival of Blood

Infamous: Festival of Blood
Game Name: Infamous: Festival of Blood
Platforms: PS3
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): Sucker Punch
Genre(s): Third-Person Action
Release Date: October 2011
ESRB Rating: 18

It’s been a while since I played on Infamous, this past week I found myself going back through the first game to collect Blast Shards and complete more side quests. So with doing that, I decided to purchase Infamous: Festival of Blood from the PSN, it’s the January Sale and at a bargain price of £3.99.

Originally, I thought this was an add-on pack for Infamous 2 but to my surprise, it turns out to be a stand-alone game with its own side quests, main story and user created content. Based in the same city New Marais, Vampires are in town and as Cole McGrath your job is to put a stop to it with only have eight hours to do it. At the start of the game, you will find yourself beneath a church as you must revive the missing citizens of New Marais As our superhero comes across a vampire, shocked by what he has witnessed he ends up getting bitten by the leader, known as Bloody Mary. So to save his soul and the city he has eight hours to find and kill the head vampire before sunrise. Only on the first night of being turned you can reverse the curse by slaying the head vampire, and if that fails you will remain a vampire, trapped with the rest of them underground.

As a vampire and with the super powers Cole already has, Cole turns out to be the ultimate vampire. Working on both sides of the fence as you slay vampires around the city, but also you have a thrust for blood. As Cole you must explore New Marais, dominating vampire gangs as you get one step closer to finding Bloody Mary. You are a vampire hunter/blood sucker. Cole has a thrust for human blood as all vampires do, and he must feed on citizens to gain energy, so he can turn into a bat when needed. This is limited and after your energy bar is empty you will need to drink human blood to fill it back up. Another really cool power you have is vampire vision, even though you are hunting Bloody Mary she is a good tutor as she will teach you about being a vampire and the many things you can do… after all, she is your sire.

In Festival of Blood, there are the same comic book cut scenes and for a weapon, he is using a big silver cross that he finds laying on the ground shortly after becoming a vampire. He knows what needs to be done, he uses the cross to slay all things that go bump in the night by staking them through the heart. The side quests you will be doing will involve hunting a gang of vampires killing them. Some vampires will be tougher than others. The female vampires will generally be found hanging upside down or moving really quickly as they shoot you with guns. I bet your thinking “Vampires with guns? That’s crazy” I was thinking the exact same thing, but hey if you have powers that can shoot bolts of lighting. Why can’t vampires have guns to even the score?

User created content is available in Festival of Blood, which I was immediately impressed with. It offers comic book style cut scenes that you can put together with some really interesting scenarios. One I was playing through the other day had Cole racing across the city chasing a vampire in flight, as you need to use your vampire vision to keep trace of it to save your captured best friend Zeke. The only downside I have come across while playing this game is that the story is far too short, and can easily be completed within eight hours.

Similar to the previous formula, as you complete missions you will gain experience and unlock new lighting powers. All of Cole’s signature moves from previous titles have been ported into Festival of Blood. Festival of Blood explores the darker side of the series, taking you down a path that is both dark and horrifying, and yet it stays true to what the series is all about. Cole’s powers as a human battery remains a major focus point, as you will still need to gain back your lost health by draining a nearby light, car or generator.

If you want to sink your teeth into something, then I will highly recommend picking up this game.

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